August 2007


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In a collaborative effort with a number of Second Life designers, namely Nicky Ree and Rei Gully, Alienbear Gupte one of our featured designers for FIRST IMPRESSIONS II has created the Oriental Tang Dynasty Empress earring and necklace set with hair clips made of pearls, jade, gold and a hint of sparkle to give it a certain je ne sais qoui.

As all of Alienbear’s designs, the piece is detailed, well constructed, elaborate, rich with colour and simply beautiful. The set was originally created to match a traditional gown and hair as pictured below.


Personally, the true beauty about the set is one’s ability to mix and match to suit the occassion – you can wear the hair pins on their own, all items together to create a stunning and classic look, or simply the earrings and or necklace to add a bit of glamour to any outfit, hair do, at any time of day or night. This set is simply a must-have for any lover of quality and authentic jewellery.

The complete set costs L$500 and is available at BijouxOr Design main store and Hong Kong Island

It is quite amazing what a bit of personal styling can do. We met Anasofia in a primarily newbie form – sporting a thick maine of newbie hair, free newbie skin – which was not what she had been born with, but not exactly a top of the range skin with advanced texturing. The same was true of her shape, which was not exactly the ruth shape. It was called model shape, but by no means worth writing home abaout.

Anasofia came to us wanting to look ready for the runway, so we went straight to work – starting with the shape – a nip here, a tuck there and careful contouring to create a strong, lean and athletic shape to die for, which can be bought at the agency. We then added a beautful skin, some flowing hair, lashes and an outfit, finished off with a cute top from Kya Eliot’s collection to complete the amazing transformation. Two hours at our mercy and Anasofia is bearly unrecogniseable as a runway “hottie” from average “nottie”.

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The dates for the next Ewing Elite Model training course have now been confirmed and can be found under the model training course section of the blog. Kick-start your modeling career and register today!


The agency is proud to unveil the new logo pictured here on top of the main agency building with agency boss Una Ewing, the 3D sign was expertly developed by Johnny Paverini along with its 2D representation. Thank you Johnny.

The agency wanted to create a uniform for models enrolling for the training to wear. During training, it is important to be able to see how the body moves and turns during the practical exercises, so we needed something tight-fitting and yet attractive also. We searched for a designer who was willing to make a custom uniform for us – as most of you may know, many designers shy away from custom, because it is unprofitable, or charge an “arm and a leg” for the work. We eventually came across Laciara Rossini, who immediately went to work with great enthusiasm and fore-thought. Lachiara, thank you so much for working with us.

We are pleased to show the new design in black and white, modelled here on the school’s runway.


FIRST IMPRESSIONS II was back at the Chocolate Runway on the 7th of August with four exciting new designers. All with vast SL design experience and amazing designs, but had no previous fashion show history. The designers were Leezu Baxter of Leezu Baxter Designs, Jaxi Zabeline of Juicy Details, Kya Eliot of the Escape and Alienbear Gupte of Le Bear Castle styling the Model’s Choice part of the show with her super detailed jewellery collection.

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This show was fun and attracted numerous other designers and influential Second Life bloggers, such as Justine Babii from Second Style as well as people from SLNN, Fashion Police and the likes of sunning model, Scarlett Niven. The region filled up quickly and the region was full by show kick-off.

Performer, Sarah Mougin, wowed the crowd with her air lifts and rainbow feather dance (feather from Mask & Feathers – the official event goody bag sponsor). Guest enjoyed were treated to an array of refreshing designs showcased by each designer and modelled by first face model Holy Payne, Nikita Ewing, Rena Mascot and FIRST IMPRESSIONS debutante, Laydeebird Chastity pictured above.

After the show, a large number of guests stayed to mix, mingle and network and then teleported to the The Dogg Lounge, which provided the perfect after-party vibe for the large party.

The Ewing Fashion Agency sends a pecial thanks to all the designers who work with us. We understand how important your brand is to you and we are delighted you choose us to represent you. Also many thanks to dzogchen Moody for sponsoring the goody beag which has brought me many fun moments. We look forward to working with you all again.

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