Recently founded, the Ewing Fashion Agency is in search of talented, dynamic and passionate people to fill its ranks.

So who are we looking for? Well it is worth knowing a bit about us first. We are a young and dynamic group driven by the passion for the job and successful results than for the purely financial reward. Team spirit is paramount to any role within the agency and so if you lack this, then we are not for you. The agency operates a multi-tasking specialist strategy; for instance a number of models in also employed within the agency in support roles such as model development and trainers. This strategy creates a win-win situation for the models who earn an additional salary whilst learning the ropes of the and the agency, which benefits from a stronger workforce and the reinforced internal knowldege.

We often get requests from people who claim to be able to do everything, the “jack-of-all-trades”. Ultimately, every true “jack-of-all trades” is aware that spreading onesself too thinly means that somethings don’t get the attention they deserve and ultimately the whole effort suffers. Additionally, working without real focus mean some tasks get ignored, whilst others are duplicated. Therefore, we seek people who are very good at one of two things, but also have the mental agility or the contacts (“.. but I know a man who can”) to flow into other areas if necessary.

If you are a model (new/experienced), scout, photograoher, fashion writer, designer, builder, scripter, agent, booker, film-maker, post-production, blogger, journalist, PR/promoter, event manager, sales & marketing, electronic media publisher, webmaster, graphic designer, magazine editor, SL/RL columnis or simply interested in sponsorship opportunities, or a strategic alliances and you are looking for a new challenge with a fast-growing agency, then please drop into the agency to submit your application form.

You can also join the FASHION PROFESSIONAL JOB EXCHANGE group to be the first to receive news about vacancies and work opportunities.