It is quite amazing what a bit of personal styling can do. We met Anasofia in a primarily newbie form – sporting a thick maine of newbie hair, free newbie skin – which was not what she had been born with, but not exactly a top of the range skin with advanced texturing. The same was true of her shape, which was not exactly the ruth shape. It was called model shape, but by no means worth writing home abaout.

Anasofia came to us wanting to look ready for the runway, so we went straight to work – starting with the shape – a nip here, a tuck there and careful contouring to create a strong, lean and athletic shape to die for, which can be bought at the agency. We then added a beautful skin, some flowing hair, lashes and an outfit, finished off with a cute top from Kya Eliot’s collection to complete the amazing transformation. Two hours at our mercy and Anasofia is bearly unrecogniseable as a runway “hottie” from average “nottie”.

Click the picture to view a larger version of the before and after pictures to judge for yourself.