September 2007


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  • Have your rent paid for two months 

At the start of Sepetember, the agency launched two competitions, which are closing tomorrowm – being the 30th of September – at 23.59 PM SLT. The competitions are to have your rent paid for two whole months and to find a blogger to add to our growing team of fashion professionals working in synergy. We have received a fair share of applicants for both compeitions, but wanted to send out a reminder to allow everyone a chance.

If you fancy having your rent paid for two months, click here.

If you would like to join a fast-growing, fun and professional fashion ageny as a fashion writer, then click here.

The agency would like to wish all applicants the best with their applications.


Thanks to our blog readers, the Ewing Fashion Agency has secured a place in WordPress’s list of Growing Blogs alongside blogs about the Rugby world cup. That is quite impressive, because anything to do with sport is usually quite big. The blog is just two months old and averaging approximately 2000 hits per month. We are by no means “top”, but we would like to think we are ding a good job of getting there. There was one day in particular where blog hits almost reached 400 – wow! We would very much like some feedback on what of our many fashion-related topic interest you the most. Events, shows, models product reviews or video releases. We look foward to hearing from you.

The team at the Ewing fashion Agency (EFA).


The Ewing Fashion Agency, during the week of the 15th – 21st of October, will be bringing you six whole days of fantastic fashion, interviews, meet the designer sessions, charity auctions and models auctions from the EFA Fashion District at Saint Helene. The agency has selected Second Style magazine as communication partner to maximise market the event for maximum exposure. Confirmed designers include Shai Delacroix, Aveda Institutes and Megg Demina.

This week, some aggressive auditioning took place to find the most delectible and stylish male and female models to take part in the events. Pictured below EFA Top Model Laydeebird Chasity and model Tempest Henessy interviewing EFA FAshion Week model hopefuls from left to right are delectible male model Takeshi Hiama of Essence Magazine, Yenneffer Dielli and Graciana McMillan of FACES imaging agency at the Chocolate Runway.


The agenda for the week is as follows:

Fashion Show & Meet the Designer
(where people meet the designer after the show and ask questions)

Fashion Show & Meet the Designer
(where people meet the designer after the show and ask questions)

Fashion Show & Meet the Designer
(where people meet the designer after the show and ask questions)

Fashion Show & Meet the Designer
(where people meet the designer after the show and ask questions)

Charity Auction & Inventory clear-out
At the charity auction, items donated by designers will be presented by models and bid for by people – all proceeds go to charity. There will also be pre-packed items scattered around (inventory clean-outs) that people can buy.

Model auction & closing party for fashion week at the designer lounge. The model charity auction gives a chance for new and established models alike to get exposure and work with designers. All participating models have agreed not to take payment for the final two days of the show (the Saturday charity auction and the Sunday model auction). Models will be presented to the crowd and designers will bid to work with them. All proceeds raised from this event will also be donated to charity. This will be a fun event and a great opportunity for designers also to find a muse whilst “giving back”.

ICONICA Designer club lounge

The week will end with a closing party at the newly built ICONICA designer club lounge launch – by a well-known music label present in Second Life. ICONICA is a club built and run by the Ewing Fashion Agency and dedicated to Second Life fashion designers and “friends” of EFA. Based on an elevated platform, it features a beautiful outdoor area for relaxing and meeting fellow designers and an indoor club lounge for kicking back and catching up with friends over a coffee. Club lounge access will be managed by list and and group membership, therefore members will be able to escape to a relaxed environment and not be disturbed. The club lounge is a spacious area decorated with deep dark wooden plannels, that create a warm, classic and cosy feeling. It is also an ideal meeting place for conducting meetings with clients – inspirational and aesthetically pleasing. Please contact the agency for further information and access list queries.

Taking part in EFA Fashion Week 

If you are interested in taking part in the EFA Fashion week as a model, designer, performer, sponsor or would like exclusive coverage as a journalist, then please contact the ageny via our boog or in-world.

Go to the EFA Fashion Week page for up to date event information.

Hello everyone, I’m glad to introduce my first post in this blog. I will be bringing you fashion in forms of clothing and events. So yes, why wait, let’s get started.

You know when there’s this one thing you find somewhere and really want to wear it so it starts living its own life, building whole outfits around it. I’ve actually built an outfit for my new eyes, which is probably a tad too extreme for some, but still. So, today this magnetic item will be black Mobstress hat from Kyoot Army. I will also try to break some borders with matching things. A very useful note for a fashionista: think outside the box, don’t let those pre-outfits scare you. Take risks. Hey, if you will look awkward, the least you will get is a bit of a laugh.

The hat itself is a marvellous piece of work. I’ve always been skeptical about hats that do not come built with hair. They always have some odd issues. This one is different. It rocks and you can do just about anything with it in terms of accessorizing. It has a colorchange band, which will change between red, black and stripy black.

Chic Mobstress
Now this is a way to get around the fear of formal clothing. I myself am not big on formal gowns because they’re often just not the right thing for me. With this, I’m trying to break that barrier with a skirt part from a gown. Also, here seen the very fresh fall line skin from Celestial Studios. This outfit is a “mix and match”er’s dream.

This picture features the following: Black Mobstress Hat – Kyoot Army; Skirt from Alexandra gown – Last Call; Shirt from Seraphic black set – Nyte’n’Day; Bra from Louise set – Insolence; Jacket from Rapture outfit – Wintermoon; Tesla shoes – Zhao; Colette black stockings – Gracile; Madeline II hair in ebony – ETD; Skin Vogue fall series – Celestial Studios.

Too chic you say? Maybe you would like to go play in the sandbox instead? Sure!
Casual Mobstress
This is something for tomboys out there. Or, heck, wear long hair and rock it. My special favorites from this outfit are the sneakers which are just perfect (and I’m very picky about sneakers) and the best pair of 3/4 pants I’ve seen so far. This is also different from the first outfit because it has absolutely no parts of any outfit, all singles.
On this picture: Black Mobstress Hat – Kyoot Army; Kitty hoodie – Curious Kitties (yes, it has kitty ears on its hood!); 3/4 kitty pants – WRONG; Stripy knit socks – Shiny Things; Sneakers – FNKY!; Jared hair in ebony – ETD, Skin fall series – Celestial Studios.

Not feeling very tomboy either? Maybe more color? Sure!
Colorful Mobstress
Okay, actually I had already shot another outfit for this one but after I took everything off and started with the slouch socks, I got to this and it’s way better then the first, take my word on it. It’s wacky in all the right ways to work for me. And it goes to show you can go far, and I mean far, with handling your clothes with freedom. The orange shirt is actually on discount so a cheap way to go. It has these wacky pencil lines which can be a very big no-no, but in this case they are quite okay. Also, Kin is one of my very favorite hairmakers. Definately not everyones cup of tea but that’s one thing why it’s so special.
On this picture: Black Mobstress Hat – Kyoot Army; black Trouble shirt – Pixeldolls; Orange Beach Bikini set – G.L.A.M; skirt from Rivoli set – Last Call; Toeless Slouch Socks – Maitreya; Urban Bohemian Ankle Wraps – Boing Fromage; Emi hair in red – Kin.

I have to admit, I’ve never used WordPress before and this thing is sincerely confusing me so forgive me if it turns out a bit odd. I will put my pixely hand on my chest and swear I’ll try to learn this blog engine as fast as I can to save people from misery.

I hope you got some new ideas and I will be back bearing event next time, so be seeing you:)


We would like to introduce Shir Dryke as the newest member of the Ewing Fashion Agency, who will be contributing to the blog as a fashion writer, revewing the latest in trends, blogging review copies and also reporting on the various fashion events taking place. Shir comes from Estonia and brings with her a fresh and honest writing style. We came across Shir’s blog Ornamental Life the style. On meeting Shir, we discovered a strong, yet charming personality. Shir is as passionate about writing as she is about fashion, so the mix was ideal. In her own words,

“Fashion is more then just rags and riches. It’s a form of art and self expression, being also very individual. I love to write and with fashion related blogging, two of my passions come together. I am an artist in real life so I live and breathe art in all its forms, whether it be clothing, paintings, photography or even socializing for that is an artform in itself. Art truly is everywhere and I love to find it and study its intricacies.  

Shir has a quirky sense of humour and a great sense of unique style. I hope you will welcome her with open arms as we have and enjoy her contributions.



New model Bobie Woodget has recently impressed and a number of the agency’s designers and friends with her beauty and cutting edge looks. I was meeting with a designer yesterday when Bobie dropped in looking like Gwen Stefani and tagged *** Rich Bitch ***”. I was totally amazed. Love to hate her, but she looked poised and simply delicious – she exuded cool, gamlour and balance. It is quite a difference from the Bobie we met sometime in August with the freebie design pants and blingy togs (see left picture below). The designer was enthralled with her beauty, charm and comportment.

snapshot_training01_007.jpg   bobiewoodget.jpg

We caught up with Bobie to find out what she thought about the whole training experience at Ewing.  She summed it up succinctly:

“My experience in the training group was exquisite cause it answered all my questions a could have had about modeling in sl. It helped me get over my fear and concerns about my abilities. One thing is i’m quite happy it run longer then it was supposed to originally cause i wouldn’t have been ready otherwise and i wouldn’t have appreciated the experience at its max. Between the sessions there are a lots of prep to acknowledge and things to find and purchase and that took time”.

Well, I am personally pleased to have been part of Bobie’s development. The course certainly would have help somewhat to get Bobie ot of her comfort zone, but it deep within, theer was the style icon just waiting to come out and that is what we are starting to see now. I am very curious about where this will all lead.

New training date have been announced for October. Please check the model training page for further information.

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