EFA is delighted to announce the opening of its stunning ocean view luxury apartments in Saint Helene and new class 5 low lag and low “noise” sim. The Kensington and the Chelsea are stunning developments, which provide wonderful, spacious and secure living spaces for residents on the water front. The Kensington is a stands 80 meters high – comprising seven floors of spacious and bright apartments with high ceilings and reflective windows. The development is secured by access via the lobby that residents control.

 The Chelsea is a modern building with a hint of classic art deco. Like the Kensington, the Chelsea is also set on the water front and comprises nine floors of secure, spacious and luxurious buildings with two balconies (except the penthouse suite on the ninth floor) which is soaked is drenched by the natural sun light that pours in via the huge glass pane windows and skylite. Take total control of your your surroundings and privacy with the tintable windows that allow total visibility or obscurity at a touch of a button.

This neighbourhood is quite, clean and pleasant. The agency is marketing the apartments to new and aspiring models, photograohers and other fashion orientated individuals, so your neighbours are bound to be interesting, or at the least very attractive. Please contact the agency for more information or reserve a spot directly via any of the numerous apartment vendors at the main agency building, or at the Chocolate Runway, or teleport there now.

Enjoy Life – Enjoy Luxury