It has been a very hectic few months and fashion agency boss, Una Ewing and her team of models and business executives have seen massive changes in their daily lives and the life of the agency. Models have come and gone – the shows have come and gone, but each new month brings along with it an exciting new show, exciting new designers and clients, sponsors, new models, colleagues, business partners and ventures. One example would be the agency’s new luxury property developments on Saint Helene where the agency will be staging some of its planned outdoor fashion shows on the sea front. All in all, the agency is growing fast, the pressures is high and the rewards are forever worth their waiting goal.

As a token of appreciation to the staff at EFA, Ms Ewing has now created an additional agency fringe benefit by offering all top models and executives a corporate apartement on Saint Helene. Apartments will be provided free for the first month and there after, the agency will contibute 50% of the rent for the next two months.

Pictured above is Connie M, the agency’s PR and Events person in the penthouse suite of the The Kensington at Saint Helene.

Artwork is provided by the virtual outlet of ARTACASA.NL