Main Picture: Laydeebird Chastity and Una Ewing from the Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA).
  SS Galaxy Zodiac Ball Room  1351841940_63040e7f2e1.jpg  Una Ewing and Maximilian March  snapshot_ii_044.jpg
Pictures from left to right: *1. The Zodiac ballroom *2. Party attendees from left to right: Una Ewing of the Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA), Liliu Maximov from Second Style and Crescendo Corp, Scarlett Niven (model), Isadora Fiddlesticks of Hodgepodge variety blog and magazine and Celebrity Trollop, editor in chief of Secoond Style magazine. *3. Una Ewing (EFA) and Maximilian March of March Industries. *4. Cadence Juran from Crescemndo Corp. 

On Saturday the 8th of September, Ewing Fashion Agency Ceo Una Ewing and top model Ladybird Chastity attended the uber exclusive International Stock Exchange’s (ISE) annual black and white gala event at the chic and enchanting SS Galaxy Zodiac Ballroom hosted by Cadence Juran of Crescendo Corp for the ISE. The exclusive event was attended by Second Life luminaries from industries, such as fashion Ava Lu of Paper Couture, Celebrity Trollop and Liliu Maximov of Second Style Magazine, Scarlett Niven, the arts, such as GM Nikolaidis, busines and finance, such as Second Life entrepeneur and business magnate and FIRST IMPRESSIONS III sponsor, Maximilian March of Max March Industries. The event was well-organised, fun and an excellent opportunity to mingle with amazing people. To top it off, the ISE and Dorothy Oyen Buildings awarded ISE stocks to guests and goodybags were available compliments of Yehuiah Bates, HoneyDew Hilite of Divastyle and Vlada. Ewing would like to thank Cadence Juran and the Cresendo Corporation for the invitations. We look forward to the next.