Goodybag sept 2007

A dear memory requires a dear souvenir and for sure this FIRST IMPRESSIONS III goodybag packed with lots of thoughtful goodies serves that purpose well. After a few long hours of packaging, the team managed to fill and distribute all 150 gift boxes with the items received from our generous sponsors. You will find a variety of items from Aveda Institute by Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD), A&B Parfums and Tuli Asturias. Included also are info items and landmarks from our featured designers – Cay Trudeau, Bryce Tully, Neferia Abel and Aveda Institute – to facilitate your shopping spree! As per usual goodybags have been sent to members of the the Ewing Events VIP Group members – enjoy!

The night o fthe 11th was definately a memorable one for all of us – a special edition FIRST IMPRESSIONS III in “Noir” was staged to commemorate the tragedy of september the 11th 6 years ago and to mark the pen-ultimate day of New York fashion week. We hope our goodybag will help keep some of those moments in your mind and we look forward to welcoming you again at the next special edition FIRST IMPRESSIONS at the Ewing Fashion Agency fashion week in October!!

Again, the Ewing Fashion Agency would to thank our talented designers, our sponsors and guests.

Goodybag sept 2007

 To be the first to know about our activities and events, receive magazines and goodybags after the show, sent an IM to Bobie Woodget to be added at the VIP guest list.