The EFA Elite Model Training course started in mid-September with a small group of aspiring models who had enrolled to come and learn what was needed to  either get started as a model or to take their career to the next level. I was personally a little apprehensive, because until now the course had been geared towards female models. Additionally, all trainees were from different back grounds, time zones and also different levels of exposure to modeling. From the outset it was clear that each peron had great passion for fashion and could contribute something to the industry. However, all candidats were just a little unsure – even those that were working where unclear about, for example, how to deal with certain situations during shows, how much to sell yourself for, what to do and expect at castings and how to market themselves. EFA decided to throw them in at the deep end and paid for all the models to get a day out at the studio – to experience “a job” first hand. One model even took part in the lastest FIRST IMPRESSIONS runway show.

We could have posted “before” shots to emphasise the level of change, better we decided to keep it simple. The pictures above are the result of just what a few hours of being in an environment that enables you to let down your guard and be open about what you do and don’t know as an industry professional and also sharing your worst as well as your best achievement with people who are in the “same boat” and with whom you will hopefully stay in touch and grow with professionally.

EFA staff were amazed by the level of personal development each trainee made. In some this change was physical, in others, it was in mind, but in all cases a total change in mindset and confidence and this was simply amazing to see.