Pictured above from left to right, Una Ewing in black, Carl Crabe in brown shirt, white tie and shades, Minnu Palen in gold and Nicky Ree just above her in deep red. 

Minnu Palen has made a name for herself as the creator of a popular range of skins called Minnu Models Skins. However, last night, Ms Palen staked another claim in the world of fashion by opening her new sim called Glam World. Glam World is a beautifully designed and laid out sim, which captures some of the city scape and flavour of Paris and New York. It is detailed and pleasant to experience. Not an architectural bone in your body? well then perhaps the array of top Second Life desigenrs who are present and will most definately be staging shows at the large and spacious fashion hall will entice you to go and spend some more of your hard earned lindens. Not a shopaholic? Then you must pay a visit to Ms Palen very cool night club, and that is simple because.

Last nights opening was fun and well attended by many of Second Life’s fashionista crowd, including designers such as Callie Cline, Caliah Lyon, Nicky Ree, Shai Delacroix, Leezu Baxter and her partner Suzi Phlox as well as many models, agency bosses and photographers. The atmostphere was relaxed and seemed to be one of those very few moments where designers tore themselves away from PS, models put away their portfolios and photographers, their cameras in favour of “get[ting] into the groove”.