“A tapestry of bodies” 

Ambient lights and enticing music filled the dance room at the top of Megg Demina’s new shop called the Chapeau tres Mignon. The party is one of the fortnightly bashes she has on top of her shop every two weeks – so the next will be the 7th of October and that is one to mark for your diaries, because the music is cool, the people are beautiful and it is the perfect start or end to the week – depending on how you view your Sundays. I actually didn’t realise how long the party had gone on for because the the DJs did a great job of keeping us dancing to the banging beats of the 70s and 80s and floating (literally I might add) to the ambient sounds of smooth chilled out lounge. It was a lot of fun and of course yours truly joined in – “when in Rome, …?”. 


That being said, Chapeau tres Mignon is a quaint and aesthetically pleasing shop, where you can find Megg’s one-off creations – that being stylish hats of  course geared toward the discerning lady wishing to create a lasting impression. Note that Megg Demina’s work will be featured at the EFA Fashion Week in October.