We would like to introduce Shir Dryke as the newest member of the Ewing Fashion Agency, who will be contributing to the blog as a fashion writer, revewing the latest in trends, blogging review copies and also reporting on the various fashion events taking place. Shir comes from Estonia and brings with her a fresh and honest writing style. We came across Shir’s blog Ornamental Life the style. On meeting Shir, we discovered a strong, yet charming personality. Shir is as passionate about writing as she is about fashion, so the mix was ideal. In her own words,

“Fashion is more then just rags and riches. It’s a form of art and self expression, being also very individual. I love to write and with fashion related blogging, two of my passions come together. I am an artist in real life so I live and breathe art in all its forms, whether it be clothing, paintings, photography or even socializing for that is an artform in itself. Art truly is everywhere and I love to find it and study its intricacies.  

Shir has a quirky sense of humour and a great sense of unique style. I hope you will welcome her with open arms as we have and enjoy her contributions.