September 2007


“A tapestry of bodies” 

Ambient lights and enticing music filled the dance room at the top of Megg Demina’s new shop called the Chapeau tres Mignon. The party is one of the fortnightly bashes she has on top of her shop every two weeks – so the next will be the 7th of October and that is one to mark for your diaries, because the music is cool, the people are beautiful and it is the perfect start or end to the week – depending on how you view your Sundays. I actually didn’t realise how long the party had gone on for because the the DJs did a great job of keeping us dancing to the banging beats of the 70s and 80s and floating (literally I might add) to the ambient sounds of smooth chilled out lounge. It was a lot of fun and of course yours truly joined in – “when in Rome, …?”. 


That being said, Chapeau tres Mignon is a quaint and aesthetically pleasing shop, where you can find Megg’s one-off creations – that being stylish hats of  course geared toward the discerning lady wishing to create a lasting impression. Note that Megg Demina’s work will be featured at the EFA Fashion Week in October.  


Pictured above from left to right, Una Ewing in black, Carl Crabe in brown shirt, white tie and shades, Minnu Palen in gold and Nicky Ree just above her in deep red. 

Minnu Palen has made a name for herself as the creator of a popular range of skins called Minnu Models Skins. However, last night, Ms Palen staked another claim in the world of fashion by opening her new sim called Glam World. Glam World is a beautifully designed and laid out sim, which captures some of the city scape and flavour of Paris and New York. It is detailed and pleasant to experience. Not an architectural bone in your body? well then perhaps the array of top Second Life desigenrs who are present and will most definately be staging shows at the large and spacious fashion hall will entice you to go and spend some more of your hard earned lindens. Not a shopaholic? Then you must pay a visit to Ms Palen very cool night club, and that is simple because.

Last nights opening was fun and well attended by many of Second Life’s fashionista crowd, including designers such as Callie Cline, Caliah Lyon, Nicky Ree, Shai Delacroix, Leezu Baxter and her partner Suzi Phlox as well as many models, agency bosses and photographers. The atmostphere was relaxed and seemed to be one of those very few moments where designers tore themselves away from PS, models put away their portfolios and photographers, their cameras in favour of “get[ting] into the groove”.

Hooray to the class of September 2007. New models Laura18 Streeter, Keane Hax and Bobie Woodget are ready and looking forward to a great career in runway and photo modeling. The guys now seek experience. If there are any designers out there looking for keen and willing models to work with, you wont go wrong with these guys and I am sure they will be delighted. Please contact the agency for more information – no agency fees apply.


The EFA Elite Model Training course started in mid-September with a small group of aspiring models who had enrolled to come and learn what was needed to  either get started as a model or to take their career to the next level. I was personally a little apprehensive, because until now the course had been geared towards female models. Additionally, all trainees were from different back grounds, time zones and also different levels of exposure to modeling. From the outset it was clear that each peron had great passion for fashion and could contribute something to the industry. However, all candidats were just a little unsure – even those that were working where unclear about, for example, how to deal with certain situations during shows, how much to sell yourself for, what to do and expect at castings and how to market themselves. EFA decided to throw them in at the deep end and paid for all the models to get a day out at the studio – to experience “a job” first hand. One model even took part in the lastest FIRST IMPRESSIONS runway show.

We could have posted “before” shots to emphasise the level of change, better we decided to keep it simple. The pictures above are the result of just what a few hours of being in an environment that enables you to let down your guard and be open about what you do and don’t know as an industry professional and also sharing your worst as well as your best achievement with people who are in the “same boat” and with whom you will hopefully stay in touch and grow with professionally.

EFA staff were amazed by the level of personal development each trainee made. In some this change was physical, in others, it was in mind, but in all cases a total change in mindset and confidence and this was simply amazing to see. 

Goodybag sept 2007

A dear memory requires a dear souvenir and for sure this FIRST IMPRESSIONS III goodybag packed with lots of thoughtful goodies serves that purpose well. After a few long hours of packaging, the team managed to fill and distribute all 150 gift boxes with the items received from our generous sponsors. You will find a variety of items from Aveda Institute by Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD), A&B Parfums and Tuli Asturias. Included also are info items and landmarks from our featured designers – Cay Trudeau, Bryce Tully, Neferia Abel and Aveda Institute – to facilitate your shopping spree! As per usual goodybags have been sent to members of the the Ewing Events VIP Group members – enjoy!

The night o fthe 11th was definately a memorable one for all of us – a special edition FIRST IMPRESSIONS III in “Noir” was staged to commemorate the tragedy of september the 11th 6 years ago and to mark the pen-ultimate day of New York fashion week. We hope our goodybag will help keep some of those moments in your mind and we look forward to welcoming you again at the next special edition FIRST IMPRESSIONS at the Ewing Fashion Agency fashion week in October!!

Again, the Ewing Fashion Agency would to thank our talented designers, our sponsors and guests.

Goodybag sept 2007

 To be the first to know about our activities and events, receive magazines and goodybags after the show, sent an IM to Bobie Woodget to be added at the VIP guest list.


Find diamonds and much more at the Jewellery Expo 2007, which runs from the 15th-22nd of September at OnRez Orientation. An alphabetical listing of all the retailers taking part follows, but please note our featured designer for FIRST IMPRESSIONS II, Alienbear Gupte. She is one of the finest jewellery designers in SL and is at kiosk 64.

A special edition of FIRST IMPRESSION was staged on the 11th of September to comemorate the tradegy of September the 11th 6 years ago and also to mark the penultimate day of New York fashion week. The event was called FIRST IMPRESSIONS III in “Noir”. All guests were sent and requested to dress in “Noir”. EFA performer Sarah Mougin opened the event by entertaining arriving guests with her amazing dance show. At precisely 11AM SLT, our two new debutante male models entered the stage and were joind by agency owner and the other models who descended onto the stage from the sky via an elevated platform  – all dressed in “Noir”.

The first collection featured the low lag and colour changing hair designs of Second Life designer and educator Cay Trudeau, then our models changed into grey to present the funky and edgy hair pieces by Bryce tully. The third set took a break from the world of hair and into a world of colour, style and sophistication with the stylishly sophisticated designs of Neferia Abel and then back into the catsuits (but this time white and aqua green) to present the uber chic and high fashion cuts of Aveda Institute by Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD).

The show recieved a lot of support from sponsors. We would like to give thanks to the following people and organisations

Main Event Sponsor

 Wall Space Sponsors 

  • ARTACASA by Stanjak Qi

  • Aveda Institute by Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD)

  • RDM Designs by Rokuda Merlin

 Gooby Bag Sponsor

Hostess Attire Sponsors

  • []::Tuli::[] by Tuli Asturias

Goodybags and brochures will be distributed shortly to members of the Ewing Events VIP guest list group.

Show pictures can be view here and the video will be released shortly.

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