A few days ago, we announced the schedule of events that the Ewing Fashion agency will be organising and hosting as part of EFA FAshion Week in association with Second Style Magazine.

We have a number of featured designers signed up for EFA Fashion Week and are very excited about the level of enhusiasm and feedback we have had. We would like to make a call for more designers to part-take in the events and in particular the charity model auction. A large number of very atractive male and female models have signed up for the charity model auction, which will take place on the 21st of October. Each partcipating model agrees to work with a designer for free in favour of having any money that is bid on their behalf donated to charity. We were initially nervous about people seeing this as some crude variation of the “slave” auction, but we have been overwhelmed by how popular the idea has been received by the models and the sense of fun with which they view it – infact, some models who cannot take part during the week have signed up for the final part of the week in the hope of helping raise money for a good cause.

We are painfully aware of the liberty you have of shooting your own beautiful avies for your advertising campaigns, which saves you the cost if hiring a hiring a model, but we would like to share this enthusiasm with all you talented and generous designers oit therem who understand the importance of giving back, but appealing your sense of charity and generosity to match the gesture of goodwill shown by the models by registering to take part in the auction.

Registration is simple and can be done either by sending me an email , or by entering a comment on this post.

We look forward to welcoming you join us “give back”.