Pictued above from left to right: Miss Evely Lane (a self-portrait) and a portrait of Una Ewing – model & CEO of the Ewing Fashion Agency.

Evely Lane has a undisputable talent for bringing out the best in any phoographic subject. Without much in the way of the “nip and tuck” effect tools that Photo Shop offers, Evely is able to capture the “goddess” and character of her subjects. I met her very briefly at her shop at Holland Paradise at Willow Palms and was immediately captured by the numerous works that littered the wall of her sudio, featuring-quality looking high-fashion style photographs you would find in a Vogue, or Tatler publication. Evely’s photography is a must for me simply because it lacks the “noise” that generally is encountered in SL photography – photos that have an imbalance in hue, colour and contrast aimed at hiding imperfections and that detract from the beauty of the subject itself. As agency owner, I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicitic style of miss Lane.

The dutch beauty is new to photograpghy, which is very difficult to believe. However in life there are always the “naturals” and the “exceptions” to whom certain things just come easily. In a short time, she has won the admiration of MM Skins creator Minnu Palen and created some works that are on display on the new sim GLAM World. Miss Lane is not only talented, but beautiful, agreeable, enthusiastic and a joy to work with. 

Evely Lane has been confimed as the official event photographer for Evely the EFA Fashion week and will be photographing the featured designers and models for the full-page spread photograph and feature items in the brochure published as part of the event.