Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

New releases from Sand Shack Surf Co inspired me for some outfits for today.

SC skirt

The skirt is amazingly good for such light color, as a matter of fact, it’s the best light skirt I’ve ever seen. It comes in two colors – this blue trim and a black version which is rather more like light gray, so not a dark skirt. Also, the new sculpted ballet flats are very cute. I also picked up a jacket from G.L.A.M to go with this outfit and that is a true sweetheart piece.

On this picture: Frills Bills Skirt – Surf Co; Pea Jacket – G.L.A.M; sheer shirt from Kadesh outfit – Last Call; Sculpted Ballet Flats – Surf Co; Boho necklace – Earthtones; Dango hair – BettiePage.

Ballet flats

The flats at close-up. They come in several colors and have two versions of them in pack. One with buttons and one without. I have not been a great fan of ballet flats before, I admit, but these are truly too cute to miss.

Surf Co shirt
Also, a new shirt from Surf Co. I paired it up with jeans but it goes just as well with the new skirt, specially when color coordinated. This shirt comes in several colors. Perfect for a casual day.
On this picture: Rainy Day Top – Surf Co; Charcoal Trousers – Celestial Studios; Stripy knit socks – Shiny Things; Dango hair – BettiePage.

Surf Co has some very interesting and nice things so be sure to stop by there.


Pictured above: New model Bobie Woodget from the class of September 2007

The Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) will commence inteviewing new students to take part in the next wave of  new model training classes starting on the 22nd of October. The interviews will take place on the 2nd and 4th of October at the agency’s base at Feschinimo and will be conducted by agency owner Una Ewing and new joiner Tempest Henessy. The school will be selecting people listed in the in-world group EWING TRAINING WAITING LIST and assessing potential candidates for attitude, commitment, expectation and a genuine willingness to grow within the industry. To find out more, incuding daes and times, please see the model training section.