I met Simone Stern of Simone! Design last weekend , while on assignment for the Ewing Fashion Agency. She has an amazing collection of formal dresses. Whilst telling her that I was glad I did not have a party that afternoon, because I really should not know which one to choose, they looked all so beautifull!!!  she laughed then sent me a package called “Entire fall collection, enjoy!!”. I was totally speechless and could just manage a feeble “thank you so much”. She just smiled again and responded, ” wait until you go unpacking, will be a big job” and she was totally right!! It was a hell of a job, unpacking about 100 dresses, but well, some one had to do it and I was happy, it was me! I have never had so many wonderfull dresses!

Dresses Simone!

 Simone, I wish to thank you so much for your generousity and the fabulous gift. I can not show on these pics, taken at my house, how wonderfull they really look, with all the details and moving parts. But wanted you to show a selection of my favorites (hehe….which changes every second..).

I also want to wish you good luck with raising money for your Ayeshe Fund, which helps people in Second Life who can not affort their medical treatments with proceeds from the purchase of the sculptured Ayeshe’s Angel. Good luck from us all.