LayDeeBird Chastity 

Laydeebird Chastity is one of the Top Model at the Ewing Fashion Agency and is busy with the preparation of EFA Fashion Week – a week-long of fashion showcases, and charity auctions that the agency is doing in association with Second Style Magazine. Ms Chastity entered the agency only recently and has rocketed fast within its ranks as a modela nd now as a member of the agency;s management team. As a new member to the agency myself, I looked foward to meeting her and finding out more about the Laydee herself.

Shir Dryke: How long have you been in SL?
LayDeeBird Chastity: I’m here since last year October. So I have my birthday in a few days lol.
Shir Dryke: Oh, congratulations!
Shir Dryke: Do you have some intense memories from early days?
LayDeeBird Chastity: Oh yes I have. I still can remember my first days. I was sooo lost. I was so curious but also I didn’t know how to unpack things but I was lucky and met a girl. she showed me everything and helped me with my first metamorphose. That was the beginning of a long relationship with fashion ~Smiles~
Shir Dryke: Speaking of fashion, how long have you worked in Ewing?
LayDeeBird Chastity: I am here since July and it started right here where I am sitting (ed.: Ewing Fashion Agency office)
Shir Dryke: How did you find Ewing or did it find you?
LayDeeBird Chastity: Well it was funny. There was a search from Una in a Model Group, I think it was “SL Models” and she was searching for Models for her Training so I send her an IM that I am interested, but I still was doing my Model Training for another agency. So we met here. And to be honest it was me and 3 other girls and Una said to me that she thinks I don’t need the training and if I would like to step in and do a Show.
Shir Dryke: So you were a model to start off?
LayDeeBird Chastity: Yes, right. The model business caught my eye but I didn’t know how to step in so I went to a Model Course, just to be a bit more confident and get to know the basics.
Shir Dryke: What exactly do you do now?
LayDeeBird Chastity: I am an Ewing Top Model and also I am scouting new Models and preparing the Fashion Week, which means I will do the practice with the Models, also I am doing some events for Ewing.
Shir Dryke: What do you enjoy doing the most in the agency?
LayDeeBird Chastity: I love our Team and I think it’s different or more special from other agencies. Also I love challenges and I’m very happy that I get the chance to do a lot for and in the agency. The agency is growing every day and its exciting to be a part of it.
Shir Dryke: How is it different in your eyes?
LayDeeBird Chastity: Well I think everyone of us got their personal skills and everybody gets the chance to show what they can do and we all are working great together. There is a special atmosphere in the agency, everybody is connected to each other and we are all working for the same goal. It’s just great to see how much energy everyone of it are investing.
Shir Dryke: What do you enjoy doing on your free time in SL?
LayDeeBird Chastity: Well I’m totally into music, also into fashion of course. So I like to explore new stores and designers and we got so many great clubs and lounges in SL. I always enjoy dancing in front of a great DJ.
Shir Dryke: Care to share your favorite DJ’s?
LayDeeBird Chastity: Oh yeah, I got a few. I have to say that I’m into House/Electro. There is Tyago Kidd, Marlon Okelly, Anton Mills, GW Raymaker, MNE Writer … and Devee Voom, I have to mention him. I mean we got a lot of talented guys out there.
Shir Dryke: Thank you for your time.