Announcing the confirmation of designers Indyra Seigo and Aveda Institutes by ETD for the EFA Fashion Week show case on Tuesday, the 16th of October.

Indyra Seigo is the designer behind the label Indyra Originals fashion or women. To know her work is to love her work – cheeky, sassy, edgy, yet elegant and extremely feminine – like the woman herself I might add. Indyra’s collection will be showcase 1 on the Tuesday.



Aveda Institutes is a household name and in hair and beauty in the real-world as we call it. Mention ETD and anyone can tell you that Elika Tiramisu has her hands in it. The two have teamed up together in Second Life to give us a real treat for those of us who will neither havd quality without style and vice versa. Aveda Instittues by ETD will be showcase 2. 



Pictured above are the short bob abd medium curl. 

Shows begin on the Tuesday at 11AM SLT, with guest reception at 10.30 AM SLT.