…and got it in droves! This week has been a busy one for all team members of the Ewing Fashion Agency as preparations for EFA Fashion Week in association with Second Style magazine are on the way. Casting calls for models to join the fashion marathon of six days (two of which are dedicated to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer(Pink Ribbon) are now over and the auditions continue to short-list a strong set of models to take part in the event all week. In the search technical ability and diversity, EFA Top Model Laydeebird Chastity, who is casting director for the show asked candidates to show up in skins of different ethnic origins. It was an amazing transformation from the almost caucatian cast and it was positive – indian skins, black skins, skins of all ethnic origins appeared and people looked amazing. Famous models such as Scarlette Niven and Graciana Mc Millan as you have never seen them before – looking breathless in dark skins. I was amazed by some of the transformatons and would have to say that it was on of the most fun auditions I had ever attended in a long while.


Pictured above from left to right: stunning model laydeebird chastity, auditions  at the runways with the skin diversity search, second pictures down is Una Ewing Shai Delacroix the EFA Fashion Week conference booth, lowest picture are the diversirty auctions. Final picture on the right is Una Ewing and her tiger.


Pictured above, Una Ewing wearing Nicky Ree’s stunning Swan Lake Dream black on a seasonal broom stick. 

As the auditions and practises continue, all eight designers have now been confirmed for the four show days and other designers, such as Simone Stern of Simone ! Design and Nicky Ree of Nicky Ree, have generously donated amazing items for the charity auction on Saturday. As the momentum and excitement builds and we get caught up in the thrill of he events and the glamor, it is also of important that we remember the seriouus element of this and come to donate to charity.

The agency is also handing out money colletors taht we would lik epeople to play at their an premises. Please contact us if you would like to have one.