Announcing the confirmation of designers Quinlan Quimby and Delaney Whippet for the EFA Fashion Week show case on Monday, the 15th of October.

Walk into Quinlan Quimby’s store and it is like stepping into a into a fairytale land and then take a look around and experinence the colour and freshness of her attire for ladies. Vibrant colours, cuts and styles and a wonderful simplicity and femininity. Quinlan’s collection will be showcase 1 on the Monday.

suede-bag.jpg   untitled.jpg

Experience the colour and flair of Microphage. Delaney Whippet is the designer behind the name and was recently featured in Second Life as a promising new talent. Her range of women’s Apparel is fun, flirty and colourful. Delaney Whippet’s selection will be showcase 2. 

zipper-dress512.jpg    aria-dress-full.jpg

Shows begin on the Monday at 11AM SLT, with guest reception at 10.30 AM SLT.