Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Preparations for the EFA Fashion Week are at high speed at the moment, but I found some good relaxing time at EFA’s club lounge ICONICA , which will be open with a dazzling launch party on the 21st during the Fashion Week close celebrations. I was chilling there with Faith Maxwell this afternoon, the artist who made and gave us the marvelous sculptures at the club lounge. Faith has her own gallery called Faith Maxwell Art & Sculpture and she also exhibits her work at the gallery Elysian Art DeCole.


In her own words, “Making sculptures is a passion I have in SL… That I have  brought to life in so many ways with my sculptures. My sculptures are done in a way of what I feel at the moment..  they come to life as I do them..  So when you look at my art and you see the name, you will see what I mean.. People tell me I am different from most artist in SL .. my style and the way I make my sculpture’s.. I hope so.. I want to be like no other artist but me..


  • Should I pay an agency to join them?
  • What can I expect from a modeling agency?
  • How much should I be getting paid for my time and work?
  • How do I market myself?
  • Where do I get the best skins?
  • What publications should I be reading?
  • Is training really necessary?

These are some of the questions that you can answer at the EFA Models’ Question Time. Starting on the 22nd of October, The Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) will be launching a series of four 30-minute sessions in which models and other industry professionals are invited to come and particpate – ask questions and discuss matters relation to the job, develeopment and industry in an open forum. To join the session we kindly as you to register by commenting on the post, so we know the numbers to expect and also be able to send you event information closer to the time.

Event Type – Interactive Voice


Picured above; the EFA Fashion Week donation box at Tree of Second Life  

October the 22nd is Pink Ribbon day and so the Ewing Fashion Ageny (EFA) have dedicated two whole days of EFA Fashion Week to events and activities that will help raise awareness and funds for the Pink Ribbon organisation. Pink Ribbon is a global organisation that helps women who have been affected by breast cancer. Money that is donated to Pink Ribbon is used for research, for setting up and maintaining support services for victoms and also for educating people, as well as non-cancer patients to be “breast aware” – including learning preventative measures and early detection signs.

The two days dedicated to breast cancer awareness activities is the Saturday on which there will be a charity auction of items that designers have generously given and the Sunday where a number of models that have agreed to work for free will be auctioned off to designers, photographers, store owners and any other people in need of modeling services.

EFA also have a Pink Ribbon Support Network of people and places that have placed a donation box to help the collection effort. The current list can be seen on the efa fashion week page and each listing has an slurl in case you feel like dropping by to make a donation. All boxes will be out until the 23rd – the day after Pink Ribbon day, after which, the proceeds will be counted, announced and sent off. If you would like to join the support network, please contact us.

Help us make a difference..