Preparations for the EFA Fashion Week are at high speed at the moment, but I found some good relaxing time at EFA’s club lounge ICONICA , which will be open with a dazzling launch party on the 21st during the Fashion Week close celebrations. I was chilling there with Faith Maxwell this afternoon, the artist who made and gave us the marvelous sculptures at the club lounge. Faith has her own gallery called Faith Maxwell Art & Sculpture and she also exhibits her work at the gallery Elysian Art DeCole.


In her own words, “Making sculptures is a passion I have in SL… That I have  brought to life in so many ways with my sculptures. My sculptures are done in a way of what I feel at the moment..  they come to life as I do them..  So when you look at my art and you see the name, you will see what I mean.. People tell me I am different from most artist in SL .. my style and the way I make my sculpture’s.. I hope so.. I want to be like no other artist but me..