Yes, I too sold-out, succumbed and followed the stampede to the newly-opened Armidi sim late Saturday evening. RL commitments, not amazing rsnapshotminidress_007_001_edited-2.jpgestraint, prevented me from getting there earlier.

Fortunately, by the time I got there lag was not too bad. Unfortunately, less lag meant I ended up staying a little while, throwing all fiscal restraint to the wind and spending loads of lindens.

As others have noted, the Armidi sim is stunning and I would suggest you take time to explore (or recover) after you’ve spent all your lindens. Trust me you will!snapshotminidress_003_edited-3.jpg

The SL-famous Armidi hair does not disappoint and even though I am not experienced enough to speculate whether Armidi equals Naughty, I did enjoy Swirly Cyclone’s take on the evidence linking the two.

The outfit I am wearing is a mix and match from Armidi and Gisaci. Its kind of a vague modern tribute to Audrey Hepburn. I love the textures of these pieces, especially the stitching on the linen minidress, the cute little silver belt and the sheen on the footless tights.

You can almost feel the coarseness of the raw linen and the softness of the stretchy tights. The necklace is a new release from Savvy?. It’s in need of repair.

snapshotminidress_004_edited-2.jpgI love this outfit so much I plan to wear it for….err…. at lease a day. Which is like a week in RL time. Both the minidress and tights come in variety of colors.

I also bought several Gisaci dresses, most of which have the well-publicized glitches. I am pleased to hear the glitches are fixable. I did spend several hours trying to “fix” one of the dresses myself but I think I am going to need more than a glitch fix to make it wearable. I guess I will just have to head back there, *fake sigh*.

Details: Gisaci Square Cut Linen Mini – Black; Armidi Limited – Metallic Tights [Black]; “Savvy?” Repairs Necklace (Gold/Lapis Lazuli); !BF! MaryJane Flats (Patent – Urban); Skin – TaP Vivant Chestnut Biba 2; Hair – Gritty Kitty: Hellogoodbye – liquorice