It’s hard to find good male clothing in Second Life, but I’ve always liked a challenge, so I made myself a male avatar, bought a decent skin and some hair and embarked on my adventure. I wanted to see if there was anything out there that was worth blogging.  

Let me tell you one thing: Having a male avatar is great if you are running on a limited budget!  

“Why?” you ask. Go to any of the well-known stores and see what they have to offer to us guys! Sometimes they have nothing at all. Sometimes they have a little corner with men’s clothing. Sometimes they have a lot of it, but it’s just plain jeans and t-shirts! 

I went from shop to shop, leaving again with a frown. Finally I remembered the Fashion World of SL feed that had already saved my life on occasion. I scrolled through the different blogs until I found “Dutch Touch”. It immediately caught my attention. 

While the majority of “Dutch Touch’s” products are for women, they have some excellent clothes for men as well. “Dutch Touch” sells what I call “utterly wearable clothing with an alternative edge”. It’s the kind of clothing I could see myself wearing in my first life! No, I mean, I’m already dressed like that in RL. It’s probably my favourite style. 

The prices are in the middle range with single items costing 100 – 150 L$ and sets mostly between 200 and 300 L$. I decided to buy two of “Dutch Touch’s” newest products. 

Here you see me in the Torn Jeans. They look incredibly realistic. I’ve seen jeans that were so bad I almost ran away screaming, but these are great! I decided to wear one of Renegade’s freebie t-shirts with it. In case you can’t read it (because it’s too blurry, not because you’ve never learned to read!), it says “Rehab is for quitters”. Now if I could only find some decent shoes, my outfit would be perfect (I decided not to photograph my feet on purpose, because most of the shoes I own look bad with those jeans!) …


The second item I bought was the Leather Jacket in brown. Again, it’s incredibly realistic and well-made. I’m still wearing the torn jeans because the two items look good together. For some strange reason most of the t-shirts and sweaters I own come on the jacket layer (please, designers, make your t-shirts available on multiple layers!), so I’m bare-chested for a change. Girls, feel free to stare, guys feel free to … well, not stare and look at my clothes instead and go to “Dutch Touch” right now because this shop is great and you want to look just like me!


“Torn Jeans Picture”:

Hair: Shun (black) – Hayate’s Hair Lab

Skin: ML020_skin – Z#road

Eyes: Spectrum Collection (Late Sunset) – Miriel

Choker: Dark Denim Choker – Aitui

Cuff: Mens Celtic Knotwork Leather Cuff (black) – Studio Sidhe

T-Shirt: Rehab Retro V-Neck – Renegade

Pants: Torn Jeans – Dutch Touch

“Leather Jacket Picture”:

Hair: Ghost (liquorice) – Gritty Kitty

Jacket: Leather Jacket Brown – Dutch Touch

Pants: Torn Jeans – Dutch Touch