Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

by Tigerlily Koi & Haedon Quine

In 2007, approximately 240,510 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed among women.

In 2007, approximately 40,460 women are expected to die from breast cancer.  Only lung cancer accounts for more cancer deaths in women.


We are proud to be supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Week.  As women, we feel it is very important to contribute to this cause that can impact so many lives.

For the Fashion Week – October 15 – 22, we are offering an incentive to all of you to donate to this important organization.

For every 200L you contribute to the Pink Ribbon EWING Fashion Agency – Second Style Kiosk located at the front of our store, we will give you a 200L Calla Gift Certificate.

You *must* copy the payment from your transaction history onto a notecard.  Rename the notecard “Pink Ribbon Donation – YOUR NAME” and drop it to Tigerlily Koi.  You will receive a Calla Gift Certificate(s) equal to the amount you donated, in 200L increments.

Please open your hearts and donate with us this week.  Also take this as a reminder to schedule your mammogram, or see your health care professional to discuss your risks and ways you can detect breast cancer early. 

Tigerlily Koi & Haedon Quine

Visit Calla at Callatropia!



Pictured above: The collection box at the EFA Fashion Week Runway. 

The Pink Ribbon support network started gathering momentum only 4 days ago in hope of raising money for the charity. In just these four days, the network has collected over L$24,000 linden between (that is 24% of our L$ 100,000 goal) – just by placing boxes at each members respective premises. The actual charity auction events that were planned for the weekend to try and raise funds have yet to happen and we have had donations from various generous designers and photographers. The support for the Pink Ribbon network has been immense and the Ewing Fashion Ageny would like to thank of the people that have taken pulled together to make this  happen.

To find out more about, make a donation or join the network, click here and go to the Pink Ribbon Support Network. It hasinformation about what Pink Ribbon does and the various donation box locations placed so far.