The final day of EFA Fashion Week rakes in another L$ 64,000 for Pink Ribbon – the actual is L$ 64,483 bring the grand total to L$ 354,564!! Guests arrived in quite large numbers until it was practically impossible to move because of the lag. In alphabetical order each model came out, introdced themselves and their skills before bidding commenced. It was admittedly challenging to sell people, but things were soon in full swing and people such as Cadence Juran of Crescendo Corporation and Celebrity Trollop of Second Style Magazine who collected over L$ 25,000 between them needed no assistance at all. The audience comprised our main sponsors Limer Fredriksson and Ansor Horenbeek or [hoorenbeek] Quality clothing as well as business magnate Maximilian March of Max March Industries. All the models did exceptioally well and we heard some pretty touching and interesting stories for why they had chosen to take part in a fund raiser of this sort. It was truly and enjoyable and great event and the money raised was just confirmation of that.

The Ewing Fashion Agency would like to thank all who came, participated and supported us. You have helped us make this what it is – thank you!

Event Pictures

Event pictures by Tillie Ariantho