AT 12PM SLt, The Ewing Fashion Agency is launching the first in a series of four skype casts called Models’ Question Time in which models and other fashion industry professional are invited to come and participate and learn and share – refer to our earlier post. Please find below the connection details. We look forward to welcoming you. 

Connection Details

Requirements: A PC!, a microphone and speakers or headset with both. You will also need the latest copy of Skype

How do I participate? Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) – Models Questions Time and then click Join This Cast and you should connect! The Join this cast option is only available once the session has commenced. When you do arrive, please do announce yourself as a matter of conferencing etiquette.

What does this cost? Nada! Niente! Zero – or perhaps the universl word, Free!!

A Presto!

From all at the Ewing Fashion Agency