Last evening, the Ewing Fashion Agency launched the first in the series of four skype casts called Models’ question time – during which a number of fashion professionals, including representatives of Calamity Models and Second Style Magazine were able to share and participate. The session which had originally been scheduled for 30 minutes went on for about an hour because as time went on, people became more relaxed and able to pose the right questions and be more specific about the current issues about modeling and other fashion related issues.

Issues discussed include:

  • The impetus for certain ideas behind fashion week;
  • The feasibility or emergence of the super model in Second Life;
  • Self promotion;
  • Starting out in modeling;
  • Age as an issue in modeling; and
  • Agency exclusivity

Besides the rather interesting griefer we had on line,  who managed to insult each and everyone of us in turn, the event was really pleasant to be part of and we are looking forward to the next one on the Monday the 29th  at 12PM SLT.

The event venue and participation details will be published closer to the time. To register, please enter a comment to be notified in good time.