EFA Fashion Week feature designer launches a .:|˜REVOLUTION˜|:.

“Revolution will be pardoned by the future; its result is a better world. From its most terrible blows comes a caress for the human race.”  Victor Hugo: Les Miserables.
                                               Challenge the Ordinary!
                                               Overthrow Convention!
*LeeZu Baxter Designs overhwlmes the senses with a whole new revolutionary line of elegant womens wear.  Joining LBD in this precedent setting event are Minnu Palen of Minnu Model Skins, Enktan Gully of Enkythings Shoes and Chloris Hathor of Indigo Menswear.  Show Management by the Ewing Fashion Agency*

Date: Saturday the 27th of October
Location: LBD Catwalk = Revolution = The Fashion Show
Guest Arrival 130pm SLT.  (please arrive early to avoid disappointment)
Show Time: 2pm SLT
Show DJ: Thick Kelley/Jaz Tempel

Please come with no bling and please detach unnecessary prim attachements – HUDS/AOs and other high prim items.
Dress Code: Express Yourself (just low prims)

After-show party  in New York Citys’ Washington Square with DJ Davez Zeddmore. Fun, romance and glamour in the city that never sleeps! Washington Square!                                                                                          

Special thanks to Show Photographer GM Nikolaidis and Special Sponsor Xzavier Taov of West Greenwich Village.