It would be an understatement to say that this Saturday was loaded with shows. There were at least eight of which I was aware and had lost some of my favourite models to – which is every producer’s nightmare, but that did not stop the crowds pouring through the doors of Leezu Baxter’s Show.Leezu is a relative new comer to the Second Life fashion scene, yet she has captured the hearts and imaginations of the many fashion conscious people who are not afraid to transcend their comfort zones. Leezu’s work is totally original. She is one of the few designers in Second Life that is brave enough to go beyond reproducing real-world styles in favour of capitalising on many options fashion design in Second Life offers that are not always present in the real-world to develop new concepts and styles. Her work is about style and statement. Anyone who had seen Leezu’s prior collection would wonder how she could possibly go one better, but she has done so with the revolution line of elegant women’s wear. It is quite a nice twist, because it features simple and yet elegant outfits with numerous variations so you can be as simple or dressed to the nines – dependng on how your mood takes you; and consistent with Leezu’s style are the flowing textures and the expert use of vibrant colours.

Joining Leezu to launch the revolution was the renowned owner of Minnu Model Skins creator Minnu Palen and shoe designers, Enktan Gully of Enkythings. I am perfectly aware that I am somewhat biased, because the Ewing Fashion Agency handled the production side of the show, but what a show! From the venue, to decor, to clothes, the clothes, the clothes! I was given the Para as a gift – which is a beautiful and elegant number, which can be worn in five ways. It is simply divine and can’t wait to attend other events that allow me to try all the variations.

The show ended with a beautifully choreographed walk-on by extremely hard-working models Serinajane Loon, Valentina Carfagno, Yvonne Pintens, Rena Mascot, Bobie Woodget, Sarasvato Noel, Cherie Parker and Candyapple Moo, then an exclusive after-show photo-shoot took place, whilst all the others headed off to Party!

Show pictures have been provided for you convenience – Enjoy!

Show Pictures


by Ewing Fashion Agency