Monday, October 29th, 2007


Today, at 12 PM SLT, Models’ Question Time II took place in the conferencing booth at the Ewing Fashion District at Isola D’ Ischia. Several people were in attendance from all walks of the fashion industry – models, agents, and lovers of fashion alike. Although originally, the intention was to use Skype, technical difficulties dictated otherwise and the chat was moved to in-game voice chat. (Future Models’ Question Times will be held in voice chat).


Several questions were addressed by agency owner Una Ewing and fashion writer Selonna Torok, including the following:

  • Is there life as a model after being an escort;
  • Model shape characteristics;
  • Having quality skins and hair;
  • Importance of having a passion for fashion and modelling;
  • Gender issues – the requirement for male models;
  • AO v. Walk Replacer;
  • Marketing; and
  • Finances

The event went well and was highly informative for all participants. Models’ Question Time III will be held at 12 PM SLT on November 5, 2007, once again in the conferencing booth at the Ewing Fashion District at Isola D’ Ischia.

To register for the event, leave a comment on this post. Please ensure that you have working speakers and/or headphones. As always, the event is free. And bring your questions – we’ll see you there!


Last week saw the launch of the first in a series of skype casts called Models’ Question Time during which models and other fashion professionals joined in to share and talk about their experience in the fashion world. Other issues that were discussed includes: training and development, marketing ones’ self, remuneration and other. Tomorrow will be the second session which will be held at the conferencing booth at the Ewing Fashion District at Isola D’ Ischia. EFA management team – such as top model Laydeebird Chastity, fashion writer Selonna Torok and agency owner, Una Ewing will be available to address questions.

Time: 12 PM SLT

Location: Conference Booth

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On October 28, 2007, a fashion-forward Halloween party took place at MT-D in the Glam World sim – home of, most notably, Minnu Model Skins. Minnu Palen herself was in attendance, as well as the owner of MT-D, Dusk Jewell, Thora Charron (also of Minnu Model Skins), Onyx LeShelle and Beauvoir Rousselot of Maitreya, and Suzi Phlox and LeeZu Baxter of LeeZu Baxter Designs. Several Minnu models were also present, as well as other fashionable party-goers each letting out their inner Halloween spirit.

Costumes ranged from the eerie walking undead to heavenly angels. A best costume contest was held, crowning Gal Giha as a winner, receiving 5000L$ as a reward. She wore an amazing red and black creation, looking gorgeous with a new twist on the classic witch. Moisie Swindlehurst was runner up as Zombie Liza Minelli, winning a pack of Maitreya animations.

Also announced at the party is the new alliance between Minnu Model Skins and Maitreya. This partnership promises to be exciting, bringing new and interesting creations to the fashion world. You will find signs of this new team taking place in the weeks to come – and it surely will be can’t-miss event.


The Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) blog has been fast growing since its inauguration in August. It was inititally mainly agency-news related, but with so much internal and external development and coverage of not only our own news and events but of our friends and partners and interesting stuff happening in fashion and around the grid, we have have to seek out more writers to bring the news to you right here. This is precisely what this post is about.

 Please welcome Selonna Torok who has recently joined the agency as fashion writer and will be bringing you news about fashion releases, events, interviews and so on. I will let Selonna say a few words.

Hello! As our esteemed CEO said, my name’s Selonna and I’m EFA’s fashion writer. As the company expands, so does this blog – these are exciting times! Not only will this blog offer news about upcoming EFA events, you’ll also be able to read about new, fashion-forward designs and even read interviews from some of your favorite designers and other professionals in the industry. So – sit back, and enjoy the ride. We promise that fashion in Second Life won’t be the same.


 I was recently sent me a number of new items from Redgrave’s new releases and one item in particular stood out immediately – the sculpty boots. I totally dreamy. The colour I got was brown, which is a deep velvety chocolate brown, but it comes in three other colours – copper, black and red. In fact I love the look and fit so much that I made to Redgrave to pick up another pair in a different colour. The boots come in two fits – medium and slim and the detail on them is superb  – it fits so well that I can almost feel the comfort of the lining around my legs and the cushioning on the soles of my feet. I must say that my legs have lever looked so good. At a meer L$ 450 the boots are a snap. Other items to look out for are the cute pumps.  

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