The Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) blog has been fast growing since its inauguration in August. It was inititally mainly agency-news related, but with so much internal and external development and coverage of not only our own news and events but of our friends and partners and interesting stuff happening in fashion and around the grid, we have have to seek out more writers to bring the news to you right here. This is precisely what this post is about.

 Please welcome Selonna Torok who has recently joined the agency as fashion writer and will be bringing you news about fashion releases, events, interviews and so on. I will let Selonna say a few words.

Hello! As our esteemed CEO said, my name’s Selonna and I’m EFA’s fashion writer. As the company expands, so does this blog – these are exciting times! Not only will this blog offer news about upcoming EFA events, you’ll also be able to read about new, fashion-forward designs and even read interviews from some of your favorite designers and other professionals in the industry. So – sit back, and enjoy the ride. We promise that fashion in Second Life won’t be the same.