Models’ Question Time is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested to ask questions, get valuable advice, and learn about the fashion industry from many different angles; however, time can run short. As always, we are committed to making sure all questions are answered as thoroughly as possible – and, what better way than to encourage the input of our readership?

Yesterday at Models’ Question Time II, a very interesting (and often asked) question was posed: Can a former escort transition into the fashion industry and a model?

Una Ewing, agency owner, replied that the transition is not impossible and in fact occurs more often that people would believe, however, it really depends on “why?”  the individual seeks that change. After all the sex industry is one of the most profitable in Second Life, whereas modeling, while fun, rewarding, and engaging is not half as profitable and is super competitive. The facts are also that the hours tend to be longer for a small financial return. Yes models do have the advantage of getting clothes, but a successful escort could also acquire the equivalent and beyond very quite easily on their earnings with the advantage of having the choice of which clothes to buy. In the light of all this, plus the added prospect of attending casting after casting without success, would the individual seeking the change be able to commit to all the demands made on them to have a successful career? We would like to play devil’s advocate and invite comments and opinions.

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