October 2007


 I was recently sent me a number of new items from Redgrave’s new releases and one item in particular stood out immediately – the sculpty boots. I totally dreamy. The colour I got was brown, which is a deep velvety chocolate brown, but it comes in three other colours – copper, black and red. In fact I love the look and fit so much that I made to Redgrave to pick up another pair in a different colour. The boots come in two fits – medium and slim and the detail on them is superb  – it fits so well that I can almost feel the comfort of the lining around my legs and the cushioning on the soles of my feet. I must say that my legs have lever looked so good. At a meer L$ 450 the boots are a snap. Other items to look out for are the cute pumps.  

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 It would be an understatement to say that this Saturday was loaded with shows. There were at least eight of which I was aware and had lost some of my favourite models to – which is every producer’s nightmare, but that did not stop the crowds pouring through the doors of Leezu Baxter’s Show.Leezu is a relative new comer to the Second Life fashion scene, yet she has captured the hearts and imaginations of the many fashion conscious people who are not afraid to transcend their comfort zones. Leezu’s work is totally original. She is one of the few designers in Second Life that is brave enough to go beyond reproducing real-world styles in favour of capitalising on many options fashion design in Second Life offers that are not always present in the real-world to develop new concepts and styles. Her work is about style and statement. Anyone who had seen Leezu’s prior collection would wonder how she could possibly go one better, but she has done so with the revolution line of elegant women’s wear. It is quite a nice twist, because it features simple and yet elegant outfits with numerous variations so you can be as simple or dressed to the nines – dependng on how your mood takes you; and consistent with Leezu’s style are the flowing textures and the expert use of vibrant colours.

Joining Leezu to launch the revolution was the renowned owner of Minnu Model Skins creator Minnu Palen and shoe designers, Enktan Gully of Enkythings. I am perfectly aware that I am somewhat biased, because the Ewing Fashion Agency handled the production side of the show, but what a show! From the venue, to decor, to clothes, the clothes, the clothes! I was given the Para as a gift – which is a beautiful and elegant number, which can be worn in five ways. It is simply divine and can’t wait to attend other events that allow me to try all the variations.

The show ended with a beautifully choreographed walk-on by extremely hard-working models Serinajane Loon, Valentina Carfagno, Yvonne Pintens, Rena Mascot, Bobie Woodget, Sarasvato Noel, Cherie Parker and Candyapple Moo, then an exclusive after-show photo-shoot took place, whilst all the others headed off to Party!

Show pictures have been provided for you convenience – Enjoy!

Show Pictures


by Ewing Fashion Agency


 EFA Fashion Week feature designer launches a .:|˜REVOLUTION˜|:.

“Revolution will be pardoned by the future; its result is a better world. From its most terrible blows comes a caress for the human race.”  Victor Hugo: Les Miserables.
                                               Challenge the Ordinary!
                                               Overthrow Convention!
*LeeZu Baxter Designs overhwlmes the senses with a whole new revolutionary line of elegant womens wear.  Joining LBD in this precedent setting event are Minnu Palen of Minnu Model Skins, Enktan Gully of Enkythings Shoes and Chloris Hathor of Indigo Menswear.  Show Management by the Ewing Fashion Agency*

Date: Saturday the 27th of October
Location: LBD Catwalk = Revolution = The Fashion Show
Guest Arrival 130pm SLT.  (please arrive early to avoid disappointment)
Show Time: 2pm SLT
Show DJ: Thick Kelley/Jaz Tempel

Please come with no bling and please detach unnecessary prim attachements – HUDS/AOs and other high prim items.
Dress Code: Express Yourself (just low prims)

After-show party  in New York Citys’ Washington Square with DJ Davez Zeddmore. Fun, romance and glamour in the city that never sleeps! Washington Square!                                                                                          

Special thanks to Show Photographer GM Nikolaidis and Special Sponsor Xzavier Taov of West Greenwich Village.

The video shot for the III session of FIRST IMPRESSIONS (Noir) has been released. The event was held on September 11th, to mark the penultimate day of New York Fashion Week and was dedicated to those who lost their lives in that same city in six years prior. The event was named (Noir), because all guests requested to wear black in tribute.

The video features models Rena Mascot, Nikita Ewing, Laydeebird Chastity, Jeanne Varun, Rivers Noriega and Keane Hax. The designers are Cay Trudeau, Bryce Tully, Neferia Abel and Aveda Institutes by ETD. We hope you enjoy it and course feel free to rate it on youtube. We appreciate your support. 

Last evening, the Ewing Fashion Agency launched the first in the series of four skype casts called Models’ question time – during which a number of fashion professionals, including representatives of Calamity Models and Second Style Magazine were able to share and participate. The session which had originally been scheduled for 30 minutes went on for about an hour because as time went on, people became more relaxed and able to pose the right questions and be more specific about the current issues about modeling and other fashion related issues.

Issues discussed include:

  • The impetus for certain ideas behind fashion week;
  • The feasibility or emergence of the super model in Second Life;
  • Self promotion;
  • Starting out in modeling;
  • Age as an issue in modeling; and
  • Agency exclusivity

Besides the rather interesting griefer we had on line,  who managed to insult each and everyone of us in turn, the event was really pleasant to be part of and we are looking forward to the next one on the Monday the 29th  at 12PM SLT.

The event venue and participation details will be published closer to the time. To register, please enter a comment to be notified in good time.


The Ewing Fashion Agency lauched its new members’s club lounge ICONICA with an amazig six hour party that kicked-off straight after the model auction! All guests were given special entry bracelets that they had to wear in order to access the venue via the teleport systems. ICONICA which means iconic in Italian is fitting as a name for the club lounge, which was constructed with fashion and design in mind – it is truly alla mode – decorated stylishly in deep autumnal colours in the members’ indoor area and aqua blue reflective effects created by the hot tub that is set against classic neutral colours in the outdoor area, the club is aesthetically pleasing, the surroundigs, quiet and its position offers an opportunity to experience an amazing sunset or two.

The club is dedicated to and for the enjoyment of “friends” of the Ewing Fashion Agency – which includes members of its VIP list, sponsors, and some of the few names that dropped in for a quick shake of the tail – namely Callie Cline, Maxmilian March, cadence Juran, Liliu Maximov and Isadora Fiddlestick. A celebrity DJ organisation and record label kept guests entertained for way too long into the night. I personally attempted a number of times to leave, but it ever felt like the right moment, because the music and atmostphere was amazing, until the DJ finally spun the last tune and it was all over. I can say that an amazig time was had by all if this is any indication of the future events to come, then I look forward to them!

AT 12PM SLt, The Ewing Fashion Agency is launching the first in a series of four skype casts called Models’ Question Time in which models and other fashion industry professional are invited to come and participate and learn and share – refer to our earlier post. Please find below the connection details. We look forward to welcoming you. 

Connection Details

Requirements: A PC!, a microphone and speakers or headset with both. You will also need the latest copy of Skype

How do I participate? Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) – Models Questions Time and then click Join This Cast and you should connect! The Join this cast option is only available once the session has commenced. When you do arrive, please do announce yourself as a matter of conferencing etiquette.

What does this cost? Nada! Niente! Zero – or perhaps the universl word, Free!!

A Presto!

From all at the Ewing Fashion Agency

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