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At the Glam World Halloween party on October 28, 2007, it was announced that Maitreya and Minnu Model Skins would become partners. What this implied for the fashion community, not many were sure except for one thing: what would come of it would be glorious.

I decided to ask model, entrepeneur, and noted skinmaker Minnu Palen of Minnu Model Skins for an interview concerning this new partnership and she graciously accepted.

Ms. Palen took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me for a one-on-one interview at Iconica, EFA’s premier lounge. She arrived looking nothing less than the glamorous beauty she truly is in a cute cocktail-style dress and knee-high silver boots that any woman would want in her closet. She is charming and very easy to talk to, but intensely strong and intelligent – a true role model for aspiring models and designers in Second Life.

It is now my pleasure to give you our EFA exclusive interview of one of the most beautiful and charming women in the fashion industry: Minnu Palen.



Selonna Torok: Hi! Great to finally meet you, and thanks for agreeing to do this interview.
Minnu Palen: Nice to meet you, too.
Minnu Palen: And you’re welcome

Selonna Torok: I’d like to know… How long ago did you found Minnu Model Skins?
Minnu Palen: I started four months ago.
Selonna Torok: Oh wow, four months? Your skins are gorgeous.
Minnu Palen: Thank you.
Selonna Torok: What was your vision for your skins? Why did you start creating them?
Minnu Palen: Well, I started to work as a model, and I realized that there is nothing “mine” on the skins I was wearing… and they were more orientated to dancers than to models.
Minnu Palen: So I decided to create one for myself…
Minnu Palen: …so soon all of my friends were wearing one…
Minnu Palen: And then one friend told me I should start selling.
Selonna Torok: How often do you update, or do you see creating any new designs in the near future?
Minnu Palen: Well, I try to update every 2 weeks, but I think in the future I’ll update as fashion changes.
Minnu Palen: Also, I’m creating a new line…
Minnu Palen: An updated version of model skins.
Minnu Palen: But, I am waiting for the shop to be finished.
Selonna Torok: That’s excellent! Do you have an approximate time of when you’re going to release it?
Minnu Palen: I do… I’ll release them for the opening, but I’m not going to say the date.
Minnu Palen: Keep it secret…
Selonna Torok: Awww! Okay.
Selonna Torok: Do you feel by updating quite a bit and coming out with new designs, it keeps you more relevant in the growing business of skin making? A lot of people are making skins now…
Minnu Palen: Yes, I totally agree… It’s not hard to be on top, it’s hard to stay on top.
Minnu Palen: So, constant work is important.
Selonna Torok: I agree… That leads me to my next question, which is that at your recent Glam World hosted Halloween party, it was announced that Minnu Model Skins and Maitreya would be forming a partnership. How did this come about?
Minnu Palen: How that happened really, I can’t say… I really admire the work of Maitreya.
Minnu Palen: And I love both Onyx and Beau [creators of Maitreya].
Minnu Palen: So, we were talking about fashion in SL in general and the idea just popped out.
Minnu Palen: What is really important is that we see fashion same way.
Minnu Palen: So we said, yeah, why not?
Selonna Torok: So, in terms of product creation… what does this mean? Will you be creating skins in partnership with them, or maybe trying your hand at making clothes?
Minnu Palen: No… We will keep doing what we are doing good…
Minnu Palen: Meaning I’ll stick to skins and they to animation, shoes, hair.
Minnu Palen: But… I will do some hair also.
Selonna Torok: That’s going to be very interesting… I can’t wait to see the new designs that come out! Will you be combining store locations, or…?
Minnu Palen: Well, they bought the sim and connected to mine…
Minnu Palen: How this will turn out, you’ll find out soon.
Minnu Palen: The idea is to expand Glam World and to make it fashion stop number one.
Selonna Torok: I definitely think it’s headed in the right direction so far, and the build looks really great.
Minnu Palen: Thank you… that is nice to hear.                                                      

Selonna Torok: So do you have a date or a rough estimate of when the official opening is?
Minnu Palen: We have it official, yes.
Minnu Palen: But like I said, let’s keep that as a secret for now.
Selonna Torok: Okay. Well, thank you very much for stopping by and allowing me to interview you… It’s been a real pleasure.
Minnu Palen: No, thank you, it was nice talking to you.

Be sure to visit Minnu Model Skins and Maitreya for wonderful additions to your fashion repertoire, and keep reading this blog for more updates on this amazing partnership!