This week’s Model Question Time focused on graduating from modeling classes. Ewing Fashion Agency recent graduates jet Porta, Kylie Balogh and some seasoned alumni from the program, LayDeeBird Chastity and Bobie Woodget, and EFA CEO Una Ewing herself took questions from the audience and discussed the benefits of their training through the Ewing Elite traning program.

The graduates noted that potential models could benefit from all training courses offered throughout SecondLife and cautioned that in some cases, you get what you pay for and that taking a brief, inexpensive class will coach you in basics but you will not receive in-depth training that may make the difference when attending a casting call.

The sore subject of rejection was touched on and the modeling experts agreed that in Second Life just as in first life, a successful modeling career requires ambition, drive, talent, skill and a very thick skin! Even top models must compete for work and that requires determination and the ability to handle losing out on a coveted position and get back out there the next day to try again!

Look for a new exciting topic at next week’s Model Question Time!

Remember these sessions are held weekly on Mondays at 12PM SLT and to benefit from the sessions you must be able to hear voice communication. A microphone is not necessary but you must have either speakers or headphones and must activate your voice communication ability. 

Location: EFA Fashion District Conference Booth