The past week has had the fashion channels buzzing with talk about The Abyss, a new shopping sim that offers an adventurous foray into the post-modern underworld.  Khai and Aja (pronounced “asia”) Sinister have built an amazing environment.  The Abyss offers exceptionally well-crafted clothing, hair and accessories for both men and women. Their collection is perfectly suited for those nights when you’re feeling like you’re on the edge.

Abyss - Portal

The Sinisters had a vision that they executed to perfection in only one month. Khai Sinister, who is the owner and builder comments, “The Abyss is actually partially what our interpretation of the world under the depths of the sea (mentioned in the Bible) risen would look like, mixed with past and futuristic elements, the appearance of conflict, war, etc… there’s a lot of symbolism around the abyss and within our products you just have to look for.” Khai has incorporated some of his first life paintings and sketches into his second life designs and lists musicans NVN Nation and philosopher/researcher Jordan Maxwell among his sources for his artistic inspiration.

Abyss - Oxygen and 2048

Pictured above is the 2048 outfit (L$ 375) made of neoprene with metal hardware, is a hot little dress and I do mean little! Ladies, remember to wear your panties! Pieces include prim skirts that attach to either pelvis or stomach, a hoodie, fingerless gloves, jacket and a belly-baring shirt.

The Oxygen hair (L$ 250) shown here is very realistic and has a touch of flexi, not so much that you feel like your hair is floating away but enough to give it a bit of movement. I love the modern look. It’s a cut I’ve seen my friends wear and it looks natural.

Abyss - NAU Combat Boots

The NAU Combat Boots (L$ 250) are unisex, and the package includes both a male and female version ensuring a great fit for either gender. The texture is so detailed you can practically feel the smooth leather. I love the detail from the seams, to the scuptured laces, to the copyright tag on the bottom of the boot.

Visit The Abyss for a memorable shopping experience.