I had initially pencilled-on the weeks after EFA Fashion Week were reserved for rest and relaxation, but in actual fact, just a few days after Fashion Week, we were deep in the throws of co-ordinating the Leezu Baxter .:[REVOLUTION]:., which was an amazing experience. The lady is talented and a joy to work with. We also had the new sim to build and prepare for our next major even in December – soon to be announced. In the midst of all this, the show with which it all began had to go on – FIRST IMPRESSIONS V.

After our usual Sunday team meeting, in which I was pleasantly surprised to see our meeting room fill-up to 90% capacity with new recruits, the EFA team headed up to the new runway to watch one of the final practise runs for FIRST IMPRESSIONS V.


 The new runway is effectively a pimped-out platform with teleports strategically placed to allow the models to enter and exit on queue. The layout presents an experiment in the way a fashion show can be presented and a test for our skill in choreography, but we think we might have just pulled it off. We’ll let you be the judges of that. The next installment is on Tuesday the 13th at 11 AM at the new runway.

 See you there. Notice to follow shortly!