Today’s Models’ Question Time was the last of this series of discussion groups. Models from many different agencies were present including: MODA, H&W, CC Modeling, Millions of Us, FMA, and of course, Ewing Fashion Agency.

Topics for today were:


  • Keeping your personality is important, as is creating your own look.  Proportion is vital; you must have a good balance of your features.
  • Modeling classes help you understand the nuances of skins, shapes, movement, poses, and all elements that make your look distinctive. Once again, the question of price was mentioned and the experts agree that you get what you pay for.

Preparing for auditions 

  • Come to the audition looking good!
  • Have a notecard or book prepared with photos of you looking your best.
  • Ask questions at the auditions to be sure you can meet the requirements of the position.  Some assignments are time-intensive! It’s better to be selective than to take a job you won’t be able to complete.

Model terminology

  • Walk – What does ’show me your walk’ mean? It doesn’t mean walk up and down with your ‘sexy walk’ that you got at freebie island. It means to show that you know how to move, pose, show the clothing so it looks spetacular.
  • Book – a model’s best photos assembled in an easy to read format. This can be a flip book (slow to rez!), notecard, link to Flickr, etc.
  • Lights – face or body light attachments that eliminate shadows. Useful for runway, not required for photographers.

Thank you all for participating in these meetings. A lot of good information has been shared! Watch our site for future discussion group announcements.