From the note included in the shoebox:

Thanks for buying a Stiletto Moody shoe and daring to put your feet into our impossibly sexy posture and dangerous high heel.  I am inspired by of-the-moment real world styles from the catwalks, adding a dose of imagination, and a splash of fetishism to give you the hottest shoe to dance in, to walk in, to work in, and to play in!

Stiletto Detail

These shoes are hot. They’re impossibly hot. I could never dream to wear these shoes for more than 15 minutes in first life, let alone dance in them for an hour. They are style and detail compressed into a digitized package that’s also intelligent. Click the left shoe. You have total control. Adjust the bling. Adjust the speed of the heel clicks to match the pace of your walk. Control the volume of your clicks.  The shoes have a built in update system so as new scripts become available, you will always have access to the latest technology.

Shoes this smart and chic do not come cheap. Prices range around $825 – $975 L.

Not all styles shown are available for purchase as the shop hasn’t officially opened. Note the ‘Offline’ sign on the silver shoe. But they’re getting more styles out each day that we’re able to buy. 

Location: Stiletto Moody Shoes in Deauville 

Editor’s Update: Those silver shoes showing as ‘offline’ are now available.