As the winter season is approaching (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!) it’s time to bundle up. Perfect for apres-ski or wandering a chilly outdoor shopping mall, this ensemble created byYohmini Yoshikawa has a multitude of variations to customize your look. She sells several different packs that are full of mixable pieces on several different layers.

SWS Designs Skirt Bodysuit Boots Hat Fur Capuchon   

In the outfit shown here, the luxurious velvet bodysuit is combined with a flexifur capuchon and silk jaquard wrap skirt for a soft look that’s contrasted by the inclusion of hardware in the metal belt.


By switching a few pieces, you can create a casual outfit that’s perfect for showing off your flawless stem-christies as you schuss down the slopes. Yes, you can ski in jeans – if you’re good enough not to fall! The texture on the jacket is soft, inviting and above all – warm!

This outfit comes in several variations and colors (Taupe, red, purple, black, white, green, grey) with many other options for mixing and matching including long coat skirts, silk trousers,and different skirt styles. Prices range from L$175 to L$1875 depending on how many pieces are in the box. Read the box contents carefully when purchasing to be sure you’re buying the package with the pieces you want.


While you’re in the SWSdesign main shop or browsing through the SWSdesign listings on SLExchange, check out Yohmini’s new collection of formal wear, “Royal Evening,” with luxe fabrics and scripted skirts and boas. 

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Available in-world: Yes