A number of questions have started rolling in about the awards, so we will be issuing the answers out periodically as FAQs and the consolidating them at a later date on the site. 

Q: Why is there no maximum price as a designer who puts their prices up will sell less.

A: The awards are designed to be an acknowledge ment on long term and on-going work be talented designers. Fixing one price or capping prices would be counter-productive in the sense it is a material influence on what they produce, just for the award, rather than it being recogniition of what they produce in their normal course of work. We have fixed a minimum price solely for the purpose of people using slash pricing to obtain greater sales. Designers have been given free reign over their prices they charge to reflect how they usually position themselves and the prices they charge. We also believe that people will not necessary buy what is cheaper, but will buy what they like.

Q: I usually offer different metal colors of my items when I do a set and I assume I need to choose one color for my entry, but should I wait until after the contest has concluded to offer it in other colors?

A: You can offer the items in other colours immediately if you so wish as long as you do not tag the others with the efada competition tags on Onrez.com. Holding the other colours back could also be a passive promotional tool.

Q: Also, will you be allowing entrants to give review copies of their entries to fashion bloggers for publicity, or post on groups such as FashCon? 

A: Yes you are allowed to give review copies and make announcements on Fashion Consolidated.

Please submit your questions via the contact form on the site or via email to Una Ewing (unaewing@yahoo.com)