The flood of Christmas-themed clothing and accessories is upon us. FashCon has been a flurry of activity with new winter and Christmas-themed designs. Sheltered Heart, owner of Bewitched Hair on Lemon Island, has created some fun new Christmas hairstyles and I fell in love with one of them that will be perfect for the upcoming EFA Winter Party in December.


This is the “Kringle” style. It includes a hat and cape.  Curly hair is difficult to create and, to date, my personal inclination has been to stay away from it. I simply haven’t been fond of most curly styles. However, with each release it seems the designers are getting closer and closer to approximating curly hair.  And, with this style, it works. The texture of the hat, especially the fur trim on the hat, blends well with the hairstyle. 

The hat is incorporated into the hairstyle. You cannot remove it. The cape is a separate item included in the package.

Kringle comes in all the Bewitched standard color packs and includes a well-written tutorial on how to resize and fit your hair. Right now, the Hawt color pack is on sale for a mere L$100. Other color packs sell regularly for L$195 and the ‘Everything’ pack is L$750.


Review Copy: No

Available in-world: Yes