We rock! quite literally. We were delighted when Leezu Baxter invited us to setup on her island. Little did we know at the time that the office space would be set in a green rockface structure. It is a great location – amazing shops and the design and colours she has used around the place is simply awesome.


 Myself and agency PR guru got working on the decorations – starting initially with a feeling of “Oh my”! A few martinis later and some great gossip and the office was all set to receive clients and guests. Its cute, colourful, corporate and yet very inviting. We call it “The Lillie Pad” and it will be the main venue for our next series of Models Question Time that commences next Monday for four weeks.


As a token of goodwill, visitors get a gift box containing six of the uber cool tintable gold cushions with three difference poses we used at the last FIRST IMPRESSIONS show. Drop in and see us soon.