Announcing the next Models’ Question Time Series.

This Monday, we’ll begin our second discussion series with a controversial topic. Escorting and the modeling industry. Is it possible to be successful in both careers? We will have a guest, Lillie Yifu, who will address issues surrounding life as model in the sex industry. Her blog is titled, “2nd Sex: A Blog on Sex and Second Life Written by a Top Escort,” and presents some intelligently written pieces touching on subjects from psychology to religion.

Location: New office location in Centro Italia

Date: November 26, 2007 

Time: 12:30 pm SLT

Please be aware that these conferences are held in voice chat. This means you need to have working speakers or headphones so you may hear questions and responses. You do not need to have a microphone! Questions to the panel may be typed. You must also have voice activated. To activate voice chat:

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