Valenttina Carfgano is not only an SL top model, but a burgeoning designer as well. Given that she’s intimately familiar with SL haute couture, we can expect good things to come out of her new shop, Frozen Turquoise Valentine, located in the Tellus IV sim


 This is the ‘Valentine,’ a ball gown with  flow and movement that must be seen in action to appreciate. Fine detailing of the bodice and neckline create a beautiful piece that’s made for showing off on the dance floor.

The pack includes a top on the shirt and skirt layer, two styles of prim skirts and glitch pants and sells for L$300. 


 The “Carolina” is an updated business look. The complex construction of the cuffs and collars required a new approach using multiprims to achieve the look Valenttina desired. Its is a winner for those wanting the coporate, but elegantly feminine look.

The pack includes prim skirt, collar and cuffs with glitch pants and a jacket on the shirt and skirt layers and sells for L$400.


Review copy: No

Available in-world: Yes

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