Ewing Office in Centro Italia

This week’s Models’ Question Time was originally scheduled to have a guest speaker, who unfortunately was unable to attend. However, the attendees had a lively discussion about topics ranging from the new EFA training classes to the importance of having a great looking profile when going to a casting call.

Well over 40 models, photographers, modeling agency owners, and fashion designers attended the meeting in the new EFA office space in centro Italia.

We began by discussing the new EFA model training sessions (which I’m attending so I can learn more about all aspects of the industry). The new students shared our first day experiences, what we learned that day, and discussed our realization of how much it is we have to learn! We also shared our reasons for attending the classes.

The conversation moved on to discussing whether your personal brand as a model is more than just your look. The experts agreed that modeling in SL differs a bit from first life in that your brand is your name, your presence, how you carry yourself and behave, your professionalism, your knowledge you bring to jobs, and so much more than just a trademarked look.

We also touched on escorting and modeling, the importance of first impressions, and the importance of networking.

Please join us next monday at 12:30 SL time for another educational and engaging Models’ Question Time.