Sometimes the most happy accidents occur. I was buying a pair of ice skates at Megg’s when I noticed a building that looked new. Always curious and camera-pan-happy, I scanned over to the small structure across the street.  I found the most charming little shop with a wall of the most intriguing, most exciting hair I’ve seen yet. Les Enfants du Plastique is an eclectic shop with a small selection so far, but Paulie Tamale has created a wall full of intriguing hair.

 Now I must warn, this is not hair for the timid. These styles are bold, avant garde, and should be a part of every haute couture model’s wig wardrobe.  Buy the demo pack and play around with the different styles. There are some fantastical ones in the pack that are guaranteed to turn heads on the runway, or even out at clubs.

COIF Hairstyles - Fun, Unique, Fresh

Shown here is the Holy Mother (left), Jungle Puff (top right) and Marcelle (lower right). Each style contains the fat pack of colors and there is a white that you may recolor as you choose (personally, I’ve made a pink one for every style I bought).


Price: L$300 – includes 16 colors

Review copy: No

Available in world: Yes

Location: Les Enfants du Plastique