November 2007


The Ewing Fashion Agency Sponsors Sculpture Contest in Second Life

Second Life, November 26, 2007:  On January 15, 2008, the Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) will be hosting the Ewing Design Awards, the culmination of the Ewing Design Awards competition sponsored by EFA and OnRez.  Winners of the Ewing Design Awards will be receiving a trophy sculpture rewarding their success.  Are you the artist who can create such an award?  If so, we would like to encourage you to enter the EFA competition to create the sculpture for the EFA Design Award.

“As a fashion promotions agency, EFA is incredibly happy to partner with OnRez for the Ewing Design Awards, a celebration of fashion design in Second Life.  Artists in Second Life enliven and enrich our Second Life experience, and the EFA sculpture award merely allows us to celebrate non-fashion related artists as well,” said Connie Molinaro, Promotions and Event Coordinator of Ewing Fashion Agency. 

In order to enter the contest, artists must submit a original, unique piece which has not been previously sold and is free from legal and perpetual obligation.  If selected as the award, the sculpture should be exclusive to EFA, and should not be resold or gifted to anyone else.  EFA requests that structures have a base for labeling, and requests that the artist agree to provide a full permission sculpture to EFA (copy, modify, transfer) to allow EFA to appropriately label the same for the winners. 

In order to enter, artists must send a folder to Elise Alsop in-world with the following:

  • The sculpture:- 
    • one large version for display at the EFA Sculpture Garden and at the designers’ stores,
    • a smaller hand-held version for the award;
    • a miniature version that we can make into a jewelry piece for guests
  • A notecard with your biography and, if available, landmarks to your gallery or blog
  • A full permission photo of the art-piece (copy, modify, transfer)

The deadline for entering the competition is December 8, 2007 at 12PM SLT.  All entered sculptures will be placed at the Ewing Garden at Ischia until at least December 15, 2007.  The non-winning entries will be sent to the artists after that date. 

The winner of the EFA sculpture contest will be chosen by EFA staff and will be announced on on December 11, 2007 at the EFA December Winter Party!  

About the Ewing Fashion Agency

Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) is a fresh, energetic and dynamic group founded by model Una Ewing which develops, trains and promotes the careers of new and established models and fashion designers in Second Life. As a fashion promotions agency, EFA uses fashion as a promotional tool for their non-fashion industry related clients, and promotes the fashion of their fashion industry clients. 



Announcing the next Models’ Question Time Series.

This Monday, we’ll begin our second discussion series with a controversial topic. Escorting and the modeling industry. Is it possible to be successful in both careers? We will have a guest, Lillie Yifu, who will address issues surrounding life as model in the sex industry. Her blog is titled, “2nd Sex: A Blog on Sex and Second Life Written by a Top Escort,” and presents some intelligently written pieces touching on subjects from psychology to religion.

Location: New office location in Centro Italia

Date: November 26, 2007 

Time: 12:30 pm SLT

Please be aware that these conferences are held in voice chat. This means you need to have working speakers or headphones so you may hear questions and responses. You do not need to have a microphone! Questions to the panel may be typed. You must also have voice activated. To activate voice chat:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences
  2. Click the Voice Chat tab
  3. Check “Enable Voice Chat”
  4. If you have a mic, check “Start Viewer in Push-to-Talk mode. The reason for this is that in a large group setting, it can be difficult to hear everyone at once, especially if you have a loud fan or a lot of noise in the background.

Tip: If you’re having a hard time hearing people, try switching to “Hear voice chat from camera position.” This allows you to zoom in on the people speaking and increases the volume.  You can also change individual volume on the “Near Me” tab of your chat window.

We rock! quite literally. We were delighted when Leezu Baxter invited us to setup on her island. Little did we know at the time that the office space would be set in a green rockface structure. It is a great location – amazing shops and the design and colours she has used around the place is simply awesome.


 Myself and agency PR guru got working on the decorations – starting initially with a feeling of “Oh my”! A few martinis later and some great gossip and the office was all set to receive clients and guests. Its cute, colourful, corporate and yet very inviting. We call it “The Lillie Pad” and it will be the main venue for our next series of Models Question Time that commences next Monday for four weeks.


As a token of goodwill, visitors get a gift box containing six of the uber cool tintable gold cushions with three difference poses we used at the last FIRST IMPRESSIONS show. Drop in and see us soon.


Today I talked with Tigerlily Koi, of Calla. Calla is one of Second Life’s most popular hair shops. Run by Tigerlily and Haedon Quine, the company has been in business for a little over a year. From its humble beginnings as Tigerlily Creations in a tiny skybox through its growth to a full sim, Calla has maintained a presence in SL as a generous, collaborative company assisting newcomers to SL, assisting upcoming designers and donating to many charities.

Tigerlily shared her corporate and personal philosophies and business practices with me in an interesting discussion, which appears below.


Tigerlily Koi

Liz Pinazzo: Tigerlily, can you please describe what an average day is for you?

Tigerlily Koi: I’m usually here about 3am SLT, with coffee in hand. I go through emails, note cards, that kind of thing. If there’s not too much I have to take care of, I run through the blog feeds to see if anything catches my eye. Sometimes fixing missing item issues and that sort of thing takes a while. The days that it doesn’t, I’ll work on whatever in-progress thing I have going. It’s a series of helping customers with issues, building stuff, finding out why X isn’t working, waiting for something to rez. Building when the grid cooperates.

Liz Pinazzo: I’m sure that’s been challenging this past week with so much down time and inventory problems.

Tigerlily Koi: Ugh, no kidding.

Liz Pinazzo: I’m wondering how that’s affected your business? A lot of people simply haven’t been able to log in.

Tigerlily Koi: The past week specifically, yes! There has been a lot of standing around, not even being able to TP into the shop to help someone. No one on the grid can go anywhere, so it’s been pretty quiet the last week. Probably much the same everywhere I’d guess. A lot of crashing, a lot of people not getting things if they do manage to get in to buy something.

Liz Pinazzo: Has that given you more time to create new designs? Do you do your designing mostly in-world or out of SL?

Tigerlily Koi: It’s actually made me a little nervous to work on too much for fear of it disappearing. Everything I build is done in world, so if the grid won’t let me rez anything, I’m pretty stuck

Liz Pinazzo: I can see how that would be a huge problem. So grid stability is crucial to you.

Tigerlily Koi: Yeah, it can be really frustrating with major issues like these.



Liz Pinazzo: If you create in SL, how do you strike a balance between business management and time to create? I’d imagine that this week you’ve been spending more time helping customers and problem-solving

Tigerlily Koi: Sometimes there is no balance. Usually though, clearing out whatever’s happened overnight while I was sleeping at least gives me mornings to create. There are typically fewer people on at 3am SLT.

Liz Pinazzo: That’s true – so you have some quiet mornings to focus.

Tigerlily Koi: Yeah, I’ve done quite a bit of standing around doing nothing this week and answering IMs. Then customer service issues usually pick up again in the SLT late afternoons and I get less actual creating done. I hate having to answer questions via IM, it feels impersonal to me. So if I can, I try to TP into the shop to help people.

Liz Pinazzo: So you prefer an in-person approach. I know I’ve seen you in the shop many times myself.

Tigerlily Koi: Yeah, I really like being able to talk one-on-one with customers. That’s really important to me, that they know I’m there and am willing to help.



Liz Pinazzo: You have a partner, Haedon Quine. How do you split the responsibilities of managing the business?

Tigerlily Koi: We don’t really have any set “I do this, you do this” things as far as every day stuff goes. We both do it all when we’re here.

Liz Pinazzo: Do either of you have areas of expertise where you’re more comfortable spending time working? I know that Haedon was involved in building your original shop, your sky box. Do you also participate in building?

Tigerlily Koi: Haedon rocks the decorating. She does most of that kind of stuff, the decor, the holiday decorations and that kind of thing. She’s much better at it than I am, especially building non-hair things. So I mostly just stand back and let her go.


Liz Pinazzo: How nervous were you when you bought the island?

Callatropia Island

Tigerlily Koi: LOL! Ohhhh soooo nervous!

Liz Pinazzo: It’s such a big investment

Tigerlily Koi: It is, and a huge commitment too. If you can’t make tier next month, you’re out that whole island fee. It was one of those “I know we really have to do it” things, but it was really scary at the same time.

Liz Pinazzo: How long have you been there now? Is it a year on the island?

Tigerlily Koi: not quite a year yet. I think February will be a year.

Liz Pinazzo: Ahh ok. So it’s been a while. Are you happy that you made the choice?



EFA is recruiting! Launched just five months ago, the Ewing Fashion Agency have built a large following for the FIRST IMPRESSIONS fashion shows, launched the EFA blog, held the EFA Fashion Week in association with Second Style Magazine, launched an online network for friends of the agency, launched the EFA Fashion Apprentice and looking foward to the EFA Design Awards in January with Onrez. The agency has grown tremedously over the past few months and our activities are expanding – with the inclusion of new staff and new projects, these are exciting times!

We are looking to recruit a number of fashion professionals to join our ranks and take leading roles within our dynamic set-up. We have many exciting plans ahead and so need positive team players who are also capable of working independently to come in and to deliver certain projects.  We are looking specifically for the following skillsets and job functions:

  • Model Trainers & Mentors
  • Event Planners & Cordinators
  • Personal Assistants
  • Fashion Writers & Bloggers
  • Copyrighters/Editors 
  • Photographers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Contracts Negotiators
  • Public Relations & Promotions
  • Researcher/Media Watch
  • Web Administrator
  • Second Life Scripters/Coders

If you have any of the following skills and can fill any of the above mentions functions, then we would like to hear from you. Ideally you will have prior experience with references that we will be able to contact. The offers would be to join the agency on a full-time basis as a paid member of staff.

Please contact us using the contact form stating your name, email, brief description of experience and your salary expectation. We look forward to hearing from you!

The flood of Christmas-themed clothing and accessories is upon us. FashCon has been a flurry of activity with new winter and Christmas-themed designs. Sheltered Heart, owner of Bewitched Hair on Lemon Island, has created some fun new Christmas hairstyles and I fell in love with one of them that will be perfect for the upcoming EFA Winter Party in December.


This is the “Kringle” style. It includes a hat and cape.  Curly hair is difficult to create and, to date, my personal inclination has been to stay away from it. I simply haven’t been fond of most curly styles. However, with each release it seems the designers are getting closer and closer to approximating curly hair.  And, with this style, it works. The texture of the hat, especially the fur trim on the hat, blends well with the hairstyle. 

The hat is incorporated into the hairstyle. You cannot remove it. The cape is a separate item included in the package.

Kringle comes in all the Bewitched standard color packs and includes a well-written tutorial on how to resize and fit your hair. Right now, the Hawt color pack is on sale for a mere L$100. Other color packs sell regularly for L$195 and the ‘Everything’ pack is L$750.


Review Copy: No

Available in-world: Yes

LayDeeBird is one of Second Life’s new generation of enterprising models – She is not only a top model at EFA, but she is also involved in a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, such as casting director, event planner and will be one of the headlining “masters” in the upcoming EFA Apprentise program.

I bumped into Laydeebird this weekend at Nuclear Boutique’s fashion show and I simply had to stop her and ask what she was wearing.



LayDeeBird had put together a fashionable ensemble playing with a lush mix of textures and colors. The epaulet adds unique drama to the jacket, while the cap keeps it fun.  Her stylish dress is from LeeZu Baxter Designs, jacket from Bare Rose, and epaulet from Couture Chapeau.


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